Technical Writing
Today, when leading-edge companies are moving towards single sourcing, that is, creating web-based documents for their websites that are easily converted into downloadable FTP (file transfer protocol) files or printable paper documentation (such as PDF files), it’s important you choose a company with the skills, personnel, and high-end program capabilities (FrameMaker, RoboHelp, and so on) allowing you and your company to stay ahead of the pack.

At Business and Science Writers we specialize in technical writing of all kinds, and can help you make one piece of writing serve many purposes—as web-based text, as part of an online help system, or as paper-based documentation.

Technical Manuals
  Assembly, installation, operation, and maintenance manuals for high-tech products and software.
  User manuals of all kinds.
  Training manuals.
  Policy, procedure, and personnel manuals.
  Service and parts manuals.

Technical Reports and Proposals
  Technical reports where clear explanations are needed for a non-technical audience outlining complex technical data, detailed survey results, or high-end statistical and engineering analyses.
  Government proposals—in particular, high-tech research and science proposals to federal government agencies in Washington such as the Department of Energy.
  Business proposals for medical, biotechnology, internet, engineering, and other high-tech companies.
  Grant proposals and technical reports for nonprofit and other social-science organizations.