Two Important Questions You Need Answered
When your dollars are on the line, there are two things you probably want to know about any consulting company you are considering hiring for your next important communication project:
  Question 1—What services does the company offer?
  Question 2—What is the company’s approach to the work they do?

This website is carefully constructed to help you answer these two important—and fundamentally different—questions. Answers to both questions are given below.

Answer 1—Our Services or “What We Do”
The four tabs listed above under “Services We Offer You” describe the four basic types of services we offer at Business and Science Writers. These are:
  business, science, and technical writing.
  other writing-related services—such as information design, technical editing, copyediting, and proofreading.

Answer 2—Our Approach or “Why We Do What We Do”

In our view—and, we hope, in yours—this is an important question that you need answered whenever you choose a consulting company. Many consulting companies list their services, but few explain the business, technical, and ethical philosophies underlying their work.

At Business and Science Writers, we believe very strongly in telling you up-front about our fundamental approach to everything we do. That way, you get a clear fix on who we are, where we stand, and what we believe. In other words, the About Us section of the website tells you “why we do what we do.”

Please use the Why Choose Us and Our Approach tabs above to explore our writing, editing, and business philosophies, and to answer two additional questions that are probably uppermost in your mind.

  Is Business and Science Writers a good match for me and my company?
  Is their approach the right one for us?

We’re pretty sure your answer to both questions will be “Yes.” And that, of course, leads us to point out the Contact tab above. We look forward to hearing from you!