Our Approach

As outlined in the Read This First! section of our website, there are two questions you probably have about any technical writing company you are considering for your next important communication project: 1) what services does the company offer? and 2) what is the company’s philosophy—or approach—to the work they do?

This section provides you with detailed answers to question 2, and gives you a clear understanding of the business, technical, and ethical philosophies underlying our work at Business and Science Writers.

Our Business Philosophy
Our business philosophy can be summarized in short order, because our business philosophy is pretty simple:
  we treat our customers fairly.
  we see ourselves as goal-oriented problem solvers.
  we strive to create innovative and cost-effective solutions for all our clients.
  we always complete your project on time and on budget.

We Listen Carefully
Listening carefully is important. Only by listening carefully can we fully understand you, your company, and the results you want from your communication project. We always listen carefully to what you tell us, because it allows us to:
  understand your company and its business goals and objectives.
  choose the correct medium of communication.
  design the overall project to meet your specific goals.
  target your particular audience with custom-crafted text and graphics.
  master the all-important details on any project.

We Help You Choose the Right Medium
Choosing the right medium of communication is important because different audiences have different needs—and we’ll help you make the right choice, such as:
  single-source system (for example, using programs such as FrameMaker or RoboHelp).
  online, web-based help system. (RoboHelp, Dreamweaver)
  downloadable PDF or FTP files. (FrameMaker, Acrobat)
  manuals or help system for desktop computers. (RoboHelp)
  paper-based documentation. (Quark Express, InDesign, FrameMaker, PageMaker, Word)

We Organize Your Information to Maximize Results

Well organized information is easy to understand because it is presented in a structured way, in the right amount of detail, and in appropriately sized chunks. In other words, truly effective communications are always very carefully structured—or engineered—to maximize their results.

This skill, known as information engineering is one of our specialties at Business and Science Writers. By carefully engineering your information—using a combination of clear thinking, logic, and a carefully imposed but unobtrusive structure—we will maximize your results on any project.

To summarize our approach to the work we do, our aim at Business and Science Writers is always to:
  work cooperatively with you and your company.
  create clear, concise text that gets the results you want.
  complete your project on time and on budget.