What We Do
Business and Science Writers, founded in 1990 and based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, specializes in business, science-based, and technical writing for large and mid-sized corporations working in today’s high-tech sector. In a nutshell, our specialty at Business and Science Writers is understanding the research, science, and technology behind your products and turning this information into clear, concise writing your customers—and others—can understand.

Who We Serve
For the past 30 years we have served a wide range of clients—both large and small—in the Twin Cities area and Italy including the following:
  mid-sized corporations
  universities and colleges
  government agencies
  nonprofit organizations
  small businesses

Do These Scenarios Sound Familiar?
  Your current customers can’t understand your user manuals, web help, and other user documentation—so they’re complaining and your customer-service representatives are swamped.
  Your sales prospects and potential customers are worried about your minimalist and unreadable documentation (and, thus, your lack of proper after-sales support)—so they’re taking their business elsewhere.
  Your programmers have created a detailed, all-encompassing, and data-packed website—but no one else (customers, non-technical company personnel, and so on) can understand or navigate the site.

If You Have Problems, We Have Answers
If you have problems, we have answers. Our custom-writing experts at Business and Science Writers will:
  solve your real-world communication problems.
  create cost-effective solutions targeting your specific business needs.
  write web-, computer-, and paper-based text that get the results you want.

Custom Writing Is Our Specialty
At Business and Science Writers our many years of experience writing for clients large and small has taught us that custom writing is all about:
  understanding your needs.
  analyzing your specific audience.
  creating innovative, cost-effective solutions specifically for you and your company.

In other words, we’ll work with you and deliver carefully crafted writing that is clear, concise, and gets the results you want!