Business Writing

In today’s competitive marketplace, writing effective proposals and creating well-written marketing materials are more important than ever.

At Business and Science Writers, we have 30 years of experience writing successful proposals to a wide variety of funding agencies (from the Department of Energy in Washington, to Hennepin and Ramsey Counties in Minnesota, to foundations and businesses at the local, state, and national level). In addition, we’ve created brochures and written successful marketing copy for a wide cross-section of large, mid-sized, and small businesses.

We Write Outstanding Proposals
  Business proposals of all kinds—including proposals to government agencies, venture capitalists, banks, businesses, foundations, and other funding agencies at the local, state, and national level.
  Proposal writing for businesses replying to RFPs (requests for proposals) and nonprofit organizations soliciting funds from government agencies and other funding sources.

Marketing, Advertising, and Other Copywriting
  Marketing materials—including brochures, product literature, bulletins, spec sheets, and other collateral marketing materials.
  Copywriting—including advertising and marketing copywriting.
  Newsletters that get your message across to potential clients, customers, employees, and other audiences.
  Feature articles for business, trade, and other publications.
  Position papers, white papers, and market-research reports.
  Mission statements, annual reports, press releases, and speech writing.